How To Connect Airpods To Android 2022

AirPods are the new wireless earbuds from Apple. They come with a charging case and a lightning cable. Here’s how to connect AirPods to Android: 1. Charge your AirPods. 2. Open the charging case and hold it near your Android phone. 3. The Android phone will automatically detect the AirPods and ask if you want … Read more

Active vs Passive Noise Cancellation 2022

Active vs Passive Noise Cancellation

In this article, I am going to discuss Active Noise Cancellation Vs Passive Noise Cancellation especially in headphones . Before going to discuss, first, you need to know what is noise? What is noise? Before we get into flour about how noise cancellation and noise isolation work, it is not bad to put ourselves a … Read more

Audio and Video Codecs 2022

Audio formats

Has it ever happened to you that you buy a new TV, a home theater system, or an AV receiver and you are like a child with new shoes? Then you take the technical specifications book and it falls to your feet. You have before you an alphabet soup full of acronyms of audio and video codecs that there … Read more