Apple iOS 15: New Features, Release Date, Update 2021

Apple Inc. is one of the most popular brands all over the world. Many people like their operating system named iOS. In the recent days of June 2021, they introduced Apple iOS 15. Like everyone, I was also fascinated to hear this news when I saw all the new features of iOS 15. This new model will give users all experience better than any time. Here I will give a description of its release date. I also say you about its update 2021. You will be more hopeful to know a piece of great news. This update of iOS has integrated more features which will definitely make it user-friendly.

iOS is the second-most popular operating system for smartphones. There are lots of pros and cons of iOS. However, iOS has increased privacy features, maps, and weather features in iOS 15. In this whole content, I will describe all-new features, release date, update 2021. The “Siri” app, “Facetime” app, and other unique apps of Apple are more value-adding versions in iOS 15. It has a Text Recognition from images system which is a very handy process for certain users. Here I will introduce you to a new feature. Its name is ” Focus”. It will add a very friendly experience for users.

Its audio system also became very fascinating in this version. You will be introduced to “Shareplay” feature of this version when using “Facetime”. It is a feature that syncs your media and shares it with other users. Before jumping Now, let us begin with some interesting information. slowly we will go from deep to deeper.

What is iOS?

iOS is an operating system that operates smartphones. Before 2019, it was used in the iPad also. after that iPadOS was released and it began to start in iPad. But till now iOS is used in every iPhone. This OS has taken the second largest market share in the smartphone industry. iOS was first published in 2007. This has added a touch screen system on smartphones, multitasking system, browsing system, and many features that were totally new for smartphone users. From that time it was going through updates.

After launching iOS 4, this name of the operating system has been renewed from iPhone OS to iOS. It has added some mind-blowing features for that time. Let me tell you something. “iBook”, “Mail”, “Gamecenter” were some amazing features. The “Facetime” app was added as a video calling app. “Safari” was a web browsing app. Day by dau iOS came with iOS 5, iOS 6 and now it is on the way to release version of iOS 15.

When Does iOS 15 Come Out: Release Date?

In June 2001 Apple declared the release time of iOS 15. It will come in the upcoming Fall, 2021. But now Apple iOS 15 Beta version is available. Beta version means Developer Beta and Public Beta versions are now in the market.

If you are aware of the risk and work process and handle any unexpected situation by installing this version then you can definitely use this. I have described these risks in this content. You will find all these in the update process of iOS 15 which is in the third last part of the content.

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Apple iOS New Features

In the introduction, I have told you about some amazing features of the upcoming version of the iPhone. Now I will describe to you all these features. I will say you about the top 10 Features of this. Let us begin to know something fascinating information.

Focus Mode of iOS 15

It is a future to manage notification systems. Its main target is to customize the notification system and reduce distractions on phone. It works based on the time of users’ work. This means it will only show a relevant notification when the user is on a work of daily routine. That is why the temptation of using phones without any reason will decrease and help to increase productivity.

A new notification system has been added as device intelligence. Let me give you an example. Suppose that I have sent you a message to do something immediately and it is an emergency. Then your phone will show this message notification on top of any other notifications. The icons of notifications also increased here. So that it will be seen more effectively when you are busy at your work.

Facetime App of iOS 15

Facetime is a unique app of Apple which is Zoom like video calling app. One can listen to music and watch videos along with friends, schedule calls and meetings by creating links in advance through this app. By sharing meeting links with android and windows users, Apple users also can join in a video call.

Facetime of iOS 15 has a special feature of spatial audio. It makes a natural voice of your friend and yours also. How far your friend is from his camera can be imagined by listening to his voice. It can give a natural feel to the users.

It can also isolate unwanted voices when you are talking and can ignore them also. It is a very smart feature that is added to this version.

Shareplay of iOS 15

It is a feature to share your screen when you are in a call on the Facetime app. One can listen to songs along with friends on AppleMusic. They can also watch videos on AppleTV Plus, TikTok, Hulu, Disney Plus. If you have Apple TV then you can share your video on your TV also.

Safari of iOS 15

Safari is the web browsing app of the iPhone or iPad. It is one of the best-performing browser apps for millions of people. In iOS 15, the new design of this Safari is mind-blowing. You are going to love it when you will see it.

Managing tab groups will become more easy and efficient in this version. For a customized experience, it will allow you to change the background images of the browser.

The extensions which you use on your Mac can also be used in your browser of Apple phone or iPad. A system of refreshing by pulling down can also be done.

The iCloud users who pay for the storage will get some extra features in this browser.

The Split view will help you to do multitask when you are using email and safari at a time. It’s an example of many users. You can browse on many sites at a time on this version of safari.

A Quick Note feature will make your internet browser easy. It will automatically suggest you copy your URL when you visit. This will make let you revisit that URL in case of your need.

Siri App of iOS 15

The smartness of this app has been increased in iOS 15. It is an app that lets users conduct their phone like calling or messaging without touching the screen with a finger. The voice processing system of the updated version is more faster and secure.

Some requests of Siri can be handled offline also. If I say some of them, it will be easier for you to understand. It can access setting tools. Or can enable or disable alarms by taking control of timers. Or it can run an app according to the situation of your need.

You can share your photos, videos, music, or any other important file with your family or friends in case of your need. Siri will help to execute your request.

Siri can understand some of your upcoming actions. Let me give you an example. If your open miss a call and open your contact app, Siri will understand that you are intended to call the person. At that time if you just say to call or message him by not mentioning his name, Siri will do it. This is true for messaging also.

Siri has a feature to announce specific important notifications when you keep AirPods in your ear.

Siri has been updated to understand the English of no native speakers. With the help of Indian, Bengali, Punjabi, and many other languages by which it can help users speak in mixed or non-native English.

Wallet App of iOS 15

It is an app for Apple phone which let you store your id cards, driving licenses in a digital version. Much information is not released till now. But we came to know from some reliable source that this app can use just your selfie to validate your id cards or any other your identities. This app is not given in the beta version.

One can take selfies from different angles and can set the id card on phone as an owner of it. This technology is not so available till now in any sector. Though some of the banks use this feature. It increases friendliness to the users.

Visual Lookup Feature of iOS 15

This is a feature to search for something. It uses Artificial Intelligence very smartly and effectively. If you type “Field” in the search bar then it will show you a photo that has a field.

The live Text system of iOS 15 gives you an interactive feel by which you can find any writings from your photos. This feature is a great improvement from previous versions to iOS 15. Definitely, it will increase more simplicity when using Apple.

Photos of iOS 15

In iOS 15 the memory system has been updated a lot. Photos app is integrated with Apple Music, Video. So the memory can suggest you songs and other things according to your history. It is also possible to edit files from memory in a birds-eye view.


Apple has redesigned in weather in a totally new version. Animated background is used to understand sun conditions and precipitation rates more effectively. A notification system is also set to update when rain or snow will start and stop.

How to Get Apple iOS 15 Update?

As the iOS 15 final version is not released yet, you cannot get this until it releases. But as I said the Public beta and Developer Beta version is released now. You can install it on your iPhone according to my instructions. I will remind you that I have mentioned that iPhone that can take the installation of iOS 15. You must need to have any of these phones to install this.

Before that, I will give you a small suggestion. You know that beta versions are not perfectly finished updates. For this reason, it is risky to install it on phone. Your phone may crash, glitch, or can run into bugs. It may lock some features of your phone that you cannot use. Before using this beta version, you have to keep all this in your mind.

Before updating, I strongly suggest you back up all of your files on your computer or anywhere. If you find after installing that iOS 15 is not suitable for you then you can come back to iOS 14 definitely.

I will also suggest you keep a stable wifi connection. Because it is a long downloading process. It may consume your whole charge also. If you are at risk of finishing the charge in the mid-level of updating process then you can keep connected your phone with charging. Let us start the process.

  • First of all you have to download and install iOS 15 public beta for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 public beta for iPad. Foe this, you have to open Safari web browser in your iPhone. Then you have to check this page. Then you have to click Sign Up button. After that you will sign in with your previous Apple id of your iPhone or iPad.After signing up here, you will need to click on your appropriate OS here. This means if you need iOS then you will have to click on this, Otherwise on iPadOS.
  • Then you will get a title named Enroll Your Device. Click it and read the instructions. Some instructions I have said you before. After that download your profile by clicking Download Profile.
  • Now open your Settings App.
  • Tap on the top of your screen to open your beta profile.
  • Answer to install and restart your device.
  • After installing your phone, you can update new version by regular process of updating.
  • That means you have to go to Settings.
  • Click General.
  • Click Software Update.

That is the whole process of installing the latest version of iOS. Enjoy it and leave a comment on your experience.

How to install iOS 15

Apple iOS Supported Devices

It can be assumed that iOS 15 will launch this September along with iPhone 13. It will support up to 6th generation iPhones. Apple published a list of those phones which will receive updates after releasing iOS 15. Hope that the latest version will be available on these phones.

  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPhone SE (1st generation)


In conclusion, I am so excited to give you extra info at first. Along with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Apple has released WatchOS 8 public Beta version.

Finally, if you have read this whole article, you will definitely understand all the pros and cons of the iOS 15 version. It may have some bugs, glitches, and many issues in the released beta version. Though it is obviously sure that many people will love it. The full new Facetime app, Siri App, Safari web browser, Apple Wallet, and all features will be more intelligent than any other previous versions.

Apple iOS 15: all-new features

In the whole content, I have described to you many features, updating process, supported devices of iOS 15, and many things. I hope you have enjoyed it. For further queries, leave a comment in the comment section.

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