Bose Revolve and Revolve Plus: Soundlink Speaker Review 2022

Bose seeks to outrun the competition with its new Bluetooth speakers: Bose Revolve and Bose Revolve Plus. We can only start by noting that both the speakers provide excellent sound for their compact sizes. If you’re looking for a Bose Bluetooth speaker for a 360-degree listening experience, you can’t go wrong with these two options.

  • Size: 152 x 82mm / 174 x 102mm
  • Weight: 600gr / 900gr
  • Battery: 12 hours / 16 hours

The previous versions of Bose Bluetooth speakers presented: the SoundLink Mini II or the Soundlink III were intended for internal use. Instead, Revolve’s new line leads the way among portable speakers designed for the outdoors.

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Bose Revolve Speaker Design

The Revolve model takes the design of the SoundLink Mini II and stretches it into a cylindrical shape. Thanks to a new integrated handle, the Bose Revolve Plus speaker resembles a lamp, albeit one that provides the experience of sound rather than light. Both are presented under a strong aluminum housing with IPX4 water splash protection. But remember that they are not waterproof. We can choose them in silver or black, and they have textured buttons.

At the top of the wireless speaker, we will find the buttons with which we can control all the options of the Bose Bluetooth speaker. Such as volume, playback, Bluetooth 4.0, and ignition. Bose includes a multifunction button with which we can perform many actions, from playing a piece of music to activating virtual assistants such as Siri.

At the bottom of these Bose Bluetooth speakers, we will find four pins for an optional charging port (which would have to be purchased separately), as well as an opening for possible tripod mounting. In terms of their weight and size specifications, they vary very little. The Revolve Plus is somewhat larger and heavier. But the best thing is that you take a look at the general technical sheet of both:

  • Revolve:
  • Size: 15.2 cm in height and 8.2 cm in diameter.
  • Weight: 600g.
  • Splash protection: IPX4.
  • Revolve Plus:
  • Size: 18.4 cm in height and 10.5 cm in diameter.
  • Weight: 900g.
  • Splash protection: IPX4.
Bose Revolve and Revolve Plus: Soundlink Speaker
Bose Revolve and Revolve Plus: Soundlink Speaker


According to the Bose company, both speakers combine dual passive radiators with high-efficiency transducers. Passive radiators allow deeper tones to be generated and the presence of two in these Bose SoundLink products allows us to enjoy exquisite notes. High-efficiency transducers, on the other hand, enable the transformation of electrical energy into sound vibrations.

Dual passive radiators are located toward the sides of the portable speaker to fill the low end of the audio spectrum. Midtones and highs are handled by the downward-facing transducer. It uses a baffle plate to distribute sound in all directions. Bose claims that this setting is what allows you to create the 360-degree sound effect without losing quality or having audio blind spots in either direction.

The first reason we might choose Bose SoundLink models over their competitors is the quality of their Omni-directional sound. This allows us to move around the speakers up to about 10 meters without losing the sound experience at any time. Something great for parties, for example.

In relation to volume, both Bose Revolve speakers release loud music in all directions. The Resolve Plus Bluetooth speaker comes with a significantly higher volume power and a very powerful bass. The Resolve model, on the other hand, when placed in the center of a room, may lack power in the bass tones. This can be remedied by placing the wireless speaker close to a wall, which helps the bass thanks to the bounce effect.

Multiple Bose speakers can also be synchronized for stereo use or for increased amplification. This option can be done from the devices themselves, although it is highly recommended to use the Bose app. You can check the following video to learn more about the ability of both Revolve.

Comparisons with other speakers

The sound quality of Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speakers is undeniable. This company is famous for its excellence and these two models are no exceptions. Perhaps the biggest competition for these devices is another 360-degree capable wireless speaker, the UE Wonderboom. It should be noted that comparisons between the Wonderboom and any Bose Bluetooth speaker have shown the greater volume capacity of the latter.

On the other hand, the bass response, especially that of the Bose Revolve Plus, sounds with a much richer and more controlled quality. The Wonderboom, however, costs half as much as a Bose Revolve. Compared to the now-old SoundLink Mini II, the new models offer more detail and greater bass response.

As the last piece of information on the subject of comparisons, we emphasize that the 360-degree sound of the Revolve makes it a more suitable speaker for listening to music outdoors or in open places. It is thus contrasted with the SounLink Color II, for example, since the sound of this is directional. Both Color II and Revolve have IPX4 protection.

Compatibility with other applications

  • Tripod Mount: Both Bose speakers come with a standard tripod opening. This allows you to mount them to listen to music in a garden, for example. If we get a flexible mount, we can place them almost anywhere. Keep in mind, however, that both Bose Revolve portable bluetooth speakers sound best when placed on a sturdy frame.
  • Integration with the Google assistant or Siri: We can access these virtual assistants, associated with our phones, from the portable speaker by using the multifunctional button.
  • SpeakerPhone: It is a functionality that allows you to give orders, such as searching for a song or an address, to the virtual assistants from the Bose Revolve speakers. It is likely, however, that we prefer to do this directly from our phones.
  • Access to multiple sources under Bluetooth technology: Both devices allow us to access and change sources such as phones, tablets or laptops, without any problem. We can also connect directly to a computer through a USB port.


  • Bose SoundLinkTM Revolve: reaches 12 hours of continuous playback under moderate volumes.
  • Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus : The new Bose bluetooth speaker model has improved battery capacity up to 16 hours of continuous playback.

Both the competitors, such as these Bose wireless speakers, give their devices a similar capacity in this section since it is more than enough for most of the occasions. The process to charge a completely empty battery lasts around 4 hours, something that should be kept in mind at the time of an event where the device is needed.

Bose Revolve and Revolve Plus: Soundlink Speaker Review
Bose Revolve and Revolve Plus: Soundlink Speaker


SoundLink Bose speakers have always stood out for their quality. Optimal sound will never be sacrificed to lower prices on this brand’s products. These Bluetooth speakers are expensive, to be sure, but both give us unparalleled sound in the portable speaker segment. Specialized critics place them in the top 5 in terms of sound performance. The Bose Revolve Plus has a higher capacity bass than the Bose Soundlink Revolve, and it can also play music louder without ever losing quality. For these best, many consider the appropriate price difference.

If you want to find out about other Bose products, we recommend you check our website Bestxpot, you will find an in-depth review of several devices from this great brand.

On the other hand, if you want a bigger and more powerful speaker, the JBL Boombox is ideal.

Technical characteristics Bose Revolve and Bose Revolve Plus

Technical specificationsBose Soundlink RevolveBose Soundlink Revolve Plus
ColorsBlack, silverBlack, silver
Weight600 gr900 gr
Dimensions15.2cm x 8.2cm diameter18.4cm x 10.5cm diameter
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0Bluetooth 4.0
Battery Life12 hours16 hours
Connections3.5mm jack3.5mm jack
Others360º omnidirectional sound, Hands-free360º omnidirectional sound, Hands-free

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