Bragi The Dash PRO Earbuds Review 2022: Truly Intelligent Wireless Earphones

The Bragi The Dash Pro underwater earbuds look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Despite everything, the previous model of the German company did not convince everyone, especially due to some errors in the Bluetooth connection. The new version is very similar, except that the engineers have put all their effort to put an end to the previous errors. Now, these wireless earphones are one of the best outdoor earphones you can wear to your ears. Also the most advanced. Just take a look at this Bragi The Dash PRO Earbuds Review 2022 to see its futuristic details, its sensors, applications, and its functionalities.

These Bluetooth earbuds give a lot of play and are valid for listening to music in the shower, doing sports, studying, or swimming. The only but? The battery, which would have to be recharged. Even so, the box to store them also serves to recharge them. These smart earphones have many uses: you can use them to listen to music, measure your physical performance during sports, or communicate with other people.

Bragi The Dash Pro: Earbuds of The Future.

In these wireless swimming helmets, everything is innovative. Even the way they were launched on the market. The project started in the form of a German startup that raised the funds through Crowdfunding on Kickstarter.
Thanks to the funds raised through crowdfunding, the German entrepreneurs, led by Nikolaj Hviid as CEO of the company, raised $3,390,551 with 15,998 investors until March 31, 2014. When Apple introduced its wireless earbuds as a novelty, Bragi was several years ahead of them. And this is how they managed to get one of the most advanced music helmets in history.

The electronics of the Bragi Dash are impressive: it has 150 microcomponents, a 32-bit ARM processor, 4GB memory, Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX, a 22-bit DAC analog-digital converter, and 27 sensors. It is equipped with its own BOS operating system that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported by sensors and an integrated microphone.

Bragi the dash pro bluetooth wireless earphones

At first glance, we can see that compared to other wireless earbuds this one lacks cables. This makes them perfect for swimming because we will not have any cables that bother us between long and long.

Vanguard Design

These smart earphones are not only completely wireless, but they have a very advanced design. The Bragi The Dash developers tested different anatomical models until they got the current model. The colors are basically black and white, although you can also get them in other metallic colors such as bronze, gold, and gray.

With their soft silicone tips that insert into the In-Ear canal and their rounded edge shapes, these wireless swimming helmets take on a cutting-edge look. These tips come in three sizes: Small Medium and Large. By adapting perfectly to the natural contour of our ear, they hold so well that in the company they ensure that they would not even come out surfing a wave.

Comfortable and practical

They are ultralight. Each headset weighs around 8 grams, a success considering the number of components that comprise it. Being so light they are very comfortable, once adapted to the ear, they can be worn for hours without feeling hardly any fatigue in the ear. It can be said that the creator of its contour went to great lengths to design a device that became almost part of our body.

They do not have any cables that jump over our neck or over the ear, the touch controls are also integrated into the earbuds and if we do not want to touch them it has a fairly wide set of gestural commands. In fact, to tell us if they are well placed on the ear they emit a slight sound when they are in the correct position.

bragi the dash pro waterproof earphones

Freedom: MP3 player without the need for a mobile device

From a positive point of view we would say that technology frees us, why do we affirm this in the case of The Dash? Let’s see. In the case of most Bluetooth headsets, these will not work without a smartphone to store the music. In the case of The Dash smart earbuds, they can store the equivalent of 1,000 songs due to their built-in 4GB memory.

Outcome? Freedom of movement without cables and freedom to go anywhere without carrying your phone, two great achievements of the creators of Bragi’s smart earbuds.

How Bragi The Dash detects and interacts with signals from the environment?

The key to the artificial intelligence of these wireless earbuds for sports lies in the number of sensors it has. These helmets can measure heart rate, calories consumed during exercise, duration of routines, number of steps, distance traveled, pace, speed, temperature, and blood oxygen saturation.

A professional runner needs to train to go faster. And measuring its performance is essential to know its evolution. With smart earbuds, you can measure the rhythm that indicates the number of steps taken in a minute or the stride, which is the distance covered in each step.
If, on the other hand, we are training at an altitude above sea level, we will be interested in knowing the oxygen saturation in our blood, which indicates how efficiently we are breathing. Of course, this feature is also useful in running or physical activities at regular altitudes close to sea level. Having this measure is particularly useful to keep our respiratory efficiency under observation.

Bragi the dash pro waterproof

Sixth Sense

The “senses” of the Bragi Dash Pro are the magnetometer, the heart sensor, the accelerometer, the thermometer, the microphone, and the gyroscope.

It has two types of microphones: one that is calibrated to cancel the sound of the environment while holding a telephone conversation, the other microphone is used to capture the ambient sound that is enabled through the touch panel, it is omnidirectional and has a sensitivity of -43dB +/- 3 dB (1Khz, 0 dB = 1V / PA)

The Bragi Dash can also combine its own signals with the sensors that phones have, such as GPS, to record and monitor training through its own or third-party application.

Gesture and touch commands

The amount of gestural and tactile commands on the Dash are almost as extensive as those we could do with the mobile, despite its tiny size.
The touch sensors of these sports music earbuds are located on the bottom of both earbuds. The right sensor is designed for music and call-related functions and the left sensor is designed for activities and some cool properties like audio transparency. If you lightly touch the right earphone with your finger, a song will begin to play, if you touch it twice you advance it if you touch it three times you go back the track.

To increase the volume you have to slide your finger forward, if you want to decrease the volume slide your finger backward.
On the other hand, to activate the registration and monitoring of physical activity you must keep the left earpiece pressed, with light additional touches you can switch between running, cycling, or swimming modes. If you give two taps The Dash will give you the indications of pulse, duration, steps, and other variables.

Bragi the dash pro earbuds for swimming

To use the gesture commands, they must be enabled in the mobile application, once activated in the application, just move your head according to the programming and the accelerometer and gyroscope will be in charge of sending the commands to both the device and the equipment that is paired. by Bluetooth.

An excellent feature is that we can program our own gesture commands, selecting them from the application in the macro section.

For example, with earbuds inserted in the ear, moving the head affirmatively we can answer calls, moving the head to the sides we can deny calls.

Artificial Intelligence: It not only listens to the environment, it also communicates

The artificial intelligence of these sports wireless headsets not only receives signals from the outside but also communicates in various ways.
The Dash talk to its user through the built-in speakers and also through the striking LED diode lights (which light up in different colors to indicate the charge level: blue, green, yellow, or red. The order of the code The colors range from blue indicating fully charged to red indicating a low charge.

Bragi Dash Truly Aquatic Earbuds

The Bragi Dash are submersible earbuds for swimmers. You can sink them without fear. They comply with the IPX7 waterproof standard, that is, you can submerge them up to 1 meter deep. Yes indeed. For a maximum of 30 minutes, just enough to swim a kilometer and a half.

This is also ideal for athletes who practice triathlon because they can wear wireless helmets in all disciplines: running, cycling, and swimming. For many, they are the best triathlon earphones due to their technical specifications, their weight, functionalities, meters, and performance, and their total absence of cables.

Bragi the dash pro earphones for swimming

Thanks to their good grip, they could be used for almost any water sport: water polo, surfing, diving, or sailing. Of course, beware that you do not get lost. You can use them without fear for almost any water sport or simply to immerse yourself in the pool or the sea listening to your favorite music while you relax. These devices can be classified within the best wireless aquatic and intelligent earphones on the market.

Battery and charger

The battery of the Bragi Dash is one of the negative points, and that is that due to its size and functionalities they only have about 5 hours of autonomy, therefore they come equipped with an aluminum and plastic case that in turn acts as a portable charger.
If we have the sensors monitoring our physical activity and we listen to music at the same time, the battery can last about 2 hours.

Charger case in different colors

The charger that also doubles as a case for Bragi’s The Dash wireless earbuds is made in metallic shades of different colors: gold, silver, gray, black, white, and bronze. This case comes with an adjustable strap that can be attached to the arm, belt, or wallet. It is made with an aluminum lid and a plastic body. The charger has a 2,200 mAh battery that supports up to 5 full charges for the earbuds

Sound quality

Bragi Dash earphones have two Knowles speakers with Bluetooth profile A2P Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) to establish communication between both earphones and with other devices. Additionally, the audio is encoded with SBC and AAC Advanced Audio Coding.

The sound of The Dash wireless earphones is reproduced with good quality. In addition, ambient noise can be almost completely isolated if you want to focus your ear on the music. Various expert opinions indicate that these earphones have much better sound quality than Apple’s AirPods. We think they have good quality, but we miss a little more volume. If you are an audiophile and looking for excellent quality, we do not recommend them.

Bragi has also included an audio transparency function that lets ambient noise through its microphones, this function is especially useful when we need to be aware of the environment for safety reasons, for example running or cycling on the road.


In this gadget, we must also highlight that the Bragi The Dash is fully compatible with mobile terminals operating systems Apple iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. All mobile application stores: iTunes, Google, and Windows Store have the latest versions of the Bragi application.
Like any other smart device, the Bragi Dash Pro operating system is updated regularly and new functionalities are added and possible software errors are corrected in each version.

These wireless earphones come with Bluetooth 4.1 technology. With this new model, the old Bluetooth connection problems seem to have been overcome.

Total Compatibility

The Bragi Dash Pro has fully proven compatibility with iPhone, with third-generation iPad onwards, Android mobile terminals with Bluetooth 4.1. However, The Dash Pro has limited compatibility with Blackberry and Windows Phones.

One feature that they have not missed is their full compatibility with Apple’s health application for their devices operating under iOS. Additionally, it is compatible with the main fitness applications such as MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Endomondo, Runtastic, and many more.

On the other hand, if we want to communicate with Google Now, Siri, or Cortana, we can also invoke them with the Dash smart earphones and apply voice commands.

The Dash as they usually call it is compatible with all kinds of sports activities, you can surf a wave, ski, play a game of tennis or wear them to soccer practice, there are no limits.

Bragi Mobile App

The mobile application that we already discussed can be downloaded from the main application stores and comes with a good number of functions. The Bragi Dash application brings tutorial videos, physical activities, customization of functions, device calibration, and other functions.

After calibrating the device and configuring the customizable options, the application is used most of the time to transfer music to the device or to review the activity log.
The application has a series of menus that facilitate navigation through the available functions, it is quite friendly and intuitive to get to the options.

Bragi the dash pro earphones App

As if the number of intelligent functions that these tiny devices houses were few, Bragi added a virtual trainer to the earphones that give us indications about our physical performance. Its objective is to motivate and achieve the maximum sports performance of the user. So if you are an athlete, another good reason to buy the Bragi The Dash Pro is that they are one of the most complete earphones with a personal trainer on the market, with thousands of routines and meters.
Another really futuristic and amazing feature is the compatibility with iTranslate and its ability to listen to a person speaking to us in one language and translate us simultaneously into our mother tongue. Using this facility we could communicate in more than 40 languages. In turn, the Bragi’s voice synthesizer comes in 8 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian, French, and Spanish.


There is no doubt that Bragi The Dash Pro is one of the best earbuds. It is a truly intelligent wireless earphone. Bragi provides excellent water resistance. So, you can swim wearing these earbuds. Definitely, it is a very good choice to buy Bragi The Dash Pro earbuds. Find the best and cheapest price of Bragi The Dash Pro earbuds on Amazon.

Unfortunately, Bragi The Dash Pro is currently not available. So, we recommend Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds instead of Bragi The Dash Pro


When analyzing the Bragi The Dash Pro we have fallen in love. At BestXpot, we love new toys that fall into our hands, but these earphones with artificial intelligence for athletes and personal trainers are out of the ordinary and have exceeded our expectations. Once the old errors of the previous model have been overcome, we can say that they are earphones that seem to be taken from the future. Of course, they are expensive. If you want, you can opt for the previous model, although as we have told you it is gambling a bit because of the connectivity problems that they dragged.

It is packed with innovative details, from its firm hold using a triad of points on the inner contour of the pinna, to its tactile and gestural
Since they are earphones to keep them on during any activity, what should improve in the future is the battery life. This will surely happen through the development of new energy storage technologies.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the project for the mass production of the Bragi Dash began in 2014 as a project that attracted thousands of micro investors, now they are in full swing and commercializing all over the planet. It was an admirable effort by the creators of the Dash to put together all the technical equipment, machines, and material necessary to produce them on a global scale.

We are living the future with products based on truly microscopic components, what in the last century occupied entire rooms is now present in a tiny component. Are your teeth long? See the best deal on Amazon.

Technical Characteristics of Bragi The Dash Pro

Technical specificationsThe Dash Pro Brief
Weight13 grams each cup
Frequency response20 – 20,000Hz
Protection against waterIPX7
Drums100mAh Lithium
Battery life5 hours
Audio codecsAAC, SBC

I hope this review and analysis helped you to make a better decision before buying Bragi The Dash PRO Earbuds. These earphones are truly wireless intelligent black earphones. Do you still have any questions? Leave a comment below in the comment section.

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