How to Cool Down Your Phone: Prevent From Overheating

Smartphone devices can get warm or overheated usually. Incidentally overheating causes lagging problem and sometimes phone systems stops due to overheating. Not to mention it may cause permanent damage to smartphone devices. In this article, you’ll learn how to cool down an overheated phone and also how to prevent overheating in 2022.

How to cool down an overheated phone

If the device is already overheated try the following steps to prevent permanent damage.

  • Switch off the phone.
  • If you’re outdoor, Put the phone in a colder place removing it from direct sunbeam.
  • If the charger is plugged in, unplug the charging cable.
  • Besides, you can remove the phone cover if you’re using one.
  • Not sarcastic, you can actually put your phone in the freezer for 2/3 minutes if it is excessively overheated. But keeping in the freezer for long can damage the phone permanently.

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How to prevent phone from overheating

It’s not that unusual if your smartphone devices become warm while playing video games with high-end graphics. Besides, if the game uses mobile data or wifi connection, most likely the phone may get hotter. But if you feel the temperature unusual, you should close the video game. if the phone gets warm due to some other reason, follow the steps given below to stop overheating.

Decrease your phone’s brightness level

Keeping the brightness level higher can make your phone warm as it consumes more battery power. So, keep the brightness level lower than 50% to prevent the phone from getting overheated.

End task of running background apps using high RAM

Some unnecessary background process uses high RAM that also leads the phone to getting warm. You can simply close those applications or use the ‘force stop‘ option in apps settings.

Turn off unneccessary features

Turn off Wifi, Hotspot, Mobile data, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. if you are not using any of them. Moreover, turning on Aeroplane Mode also helps to keep the phone cool as it stops the whole network connection. But you can’t keep your phone out of network for long so follow other steps stated above.

Hope this article helped you to overcome your problem. Still, if your phone gets overheated frequently even after applying all the methods stated above. Consequently, you need to take the device to a ‘repairing shop’. They will recommend what to do according to the current condition of your device.

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