Logitech G430 Headsets Review 2022: The Best-selling Gaming Headphones

This Logitech G430 headsets review 2022 is especially for gamers. Because they are specially designed to satisfy gamers. They also offer good performance for listening to multichannel music. The helmets are adjustable to all heads. Besides, the ear cups and the headband are pleasantly padded. The surround sound quality is excellent, with heavy bass and well-spatialized sound. Its 7.1 surround sound allows you to play and listen to complex compositions with surprising quality for this price range. If you are still wondering why the Logitech G430 headphones are the best-selling gaming headphones, then this Logitech G430 headphones review 2022 is for you.

Logitech G430 Headsets

Brief Technical Characteristics:

  • Headphone type:  Over-Ear (Circumaural).
  • Microphone:  Cardioid (unidirectional).
  • Dimensions : 172 x 81.7 x 182mm.
  • Weight:  259g
  • Connectivity:  Windows7 or later.

Despite the fact that they were released about a couple of years ago,  the Logitech g430 helmets are still one of the best sellers in the gaming world. They provide one of the best value for money on the market. The opinions of thousands of users continue to support headphones that seem to be manufactured not to age for many years.

Before jumping into this article, make sure you understand the Headphone Technical Specifications.


From our point of view, the design of the Logitech G430 headphones seems the right one: the main materials that compose it are plastic and aluminum,  which make them very light. Therefore, they are perfect for very intensive use.

The Logitech G430 is fully adjustable and allows a 90-degree turn in each pad to improve adaptation and transport (something that many users values). They also include a microphone that is adjustable, with the possibility of raising and lowering it from the position in which it is located.

Lightweight Headsets

It should be noted that the PS4 Logitech G430 headphones include a padded headband and also incorporate pads on the pads. According to the company, each pad includes the fabric design called sports touch (very similar to what we find in sports shirts) in order to prevent sweat from becoming a nuisance when we wear them continuously for a long time.

Regarding the pads, we will say that they can be removed for washing. At first glance, they seem of low quality, and it seems that they lose part of the sound.  This means that if you put them at a high volume, someone next to you can easily hear everything you are listening to. We believe that it is a point to improve.

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Logitech G430: Comfort and Build Quality

In general, the Logitech G430s fit well on the head and do not exert an unpleasant pressure in short sessions. The material from which they are made breathes very well and the padding of the cups is of excellent quality. They reduce heat and prevent humidity, a problem that many gaming helmets tend to have. They are also very lightweight, a feature that all players appreciate.

Logitech G4 Headphones Infographics

It’s obvious that the company’s designers tried to make the Logitech G430 one of the most comfortable gaming headsets on the market. They feel great when you use them for an hour or two, but they tire in longer sessions. The design and size of the cups cause annoying pressure after three hours of continuous use.

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Logitech G430 Helmets: Connectivity

The Headset Cable is quite long, with a distance of about 3 meters, and cannot be replaced or removed. The cable is double-ended 3.5mm and comes with volume control and a switch to mute the mic.  It is quite long and gives you a lot of range of motion and it also comes with controls that allow you to handle the volume and the microphone with ease.

At a distance of about 70 cm is the controller to increase, decrease the volume, or mute the microphone. Some headsets include it directly incorporated near the pads, but in this case, they do it through a controller, which we, and in our experience, have ended up liking. The Logitech G430 also comes with a USB adapter that allows you to enjoy 7.1 surround sound with compatible equipment.

In terms of design, the Logitech G430s are very decent for their price. You can connect them to any device with a headset output, but you can only enjoy 7.1 surround sound with a computer with Windows operating system. In order to enjoy surround sound, you must download the Logitech Gaming software from the company’s home page.

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Logitech G430 Helmets: Very True 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound

Logitech G430 headsets feature Dolby 7.1 surround sound technology that gives you an excellent immersive gaming experience. Sound emerges from all sides to provide you with 360-degree sound with good detail. The Logitech G430 gaming surrounds sound 7.1 lets you enjoy any sound effect with superb clarity.

Dolby 7.1 surround sound%2Bfeatures%2Bof Logitech G430 Headsets

The spatial separation stands out and you can identify footsteps, gunshots, or sirens very easily. The surround sound of these Logitech headsets is remarkable for this price range. You can not only hear footsteps or low-frequency noises but also identify the exact direction they are coming from.

Its performance in this section surpasses many much more expensive gaming headsets, but it may present a malfunction. These Logitech headphones differentiate between surround and stereo sound, but if your game fails to convert stereo to surround sound, you may experience annoying volume changes. However, this is easily fixed. You just have to enter the properties of the Logitech G430 and select the Speaker to fill option that converts all the sound to Dolby 7.1 before rendering it.

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How to Activate Sound 7.1 Logitech G430?

To activate 7.1 sound and enjoy the sound experience in all its fullness, it is necessary to have the external sound card that Logitech incorporates with USB input, to which we must connect the microphone input of the headphones (3.5 mm mini Jack ) as well as the audio output that is for the headphone (3.5 mm mini Jack).

Once the previous steps have been carried out, we must install Logitech software that you can access to download from here.  It is the typical Logitech program with which we can control all the accessories of the brand, although it also serves to control the keyboard lights, mouse lights …

Thanks to this software we can control volume, equalizer (control highs and lows), and also the surround sound option, which is Dolby 7.1 sound. It is worth mentioning that it is not a real Dolby 7.1, but virtual. However, it improves the audio experience much more. Within the surround sound option, we can adjust the volume of the virtual channels that we will listen to.

Logitech G430 Headsets with Cable

How Does The Microphone on The Logitech G430 work?

The microphone incorporates a frequency response of 50-20 kHz and a sensitivity of -40 dBV. The noise suppressor ends up giving you very good results when used in any circumstance. Something we liked is that when we move it up the microphone automatically mutes.

The microphone in the Logitech G430 headphones has a more solid build quality than the body’s and offers pretty decent performance for its price. However, the factory settings leave a lot to be desired. For example, the microphone of the G430 can cut the voice when the sound environment has a lot of noise. The good news is that this is a software problem and not a hardware problem, so it can be fixed in a few short steps.

Logitech G430 Headsets with Noise Cancelling Mic

For best results, we recommend that you first lower the microphone level to 0 in the sound settings. Then you must enter the advanced settings and change to channel 1 to DVD quality or to 48000Hz / 16 bits. This should fix any microphone problems. These Logitech helmets have received negative feedback for microphone settings and should update the G430s to fix the issue automatically. However, it is not a significant problem and it is solved quickly.

Once you calibrate the sound of the microphone, its performance is quite good. The 10cm microphone on the Logitech G430 headphones is unidirectional, so it only picks up sound from one direction. It works well, lets you communicate clearly, and captures almost none of the ambient noise thanks to its noise-canceling technology. In addition, it is kept at a good distance from the mouth, it is not uncomfortable and you can easily control it with the controls. It is not flexible, but it is very good for its price.

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Sound Quality

We cannot expect the Logitech G430 headphones to offer the same sound quality as more expensive models, such as the Astro A50, but in their price range they stand out. The G430s integrate 40mm neodymium drivers and have a dedicated channel for low-frequency effects. They work with an impedance of 32 ohms, a frequency response of 20-20kHz, and have a sensitivity of 90 dB.

Very few affordable headphones offer 7.1 surround sound, let alone a good one. The Logitech G430 gaming surrounds sound 7.1 is one of the few models that offer quality surround sound for a very low price. In addition, they come with software that allows you to tailor the sound to your personal taste for different types of games or music. The software does not have very wide options but it is perfect for non-professional players.

Logitech G430 Headsets with Ear Pads

They are ideal for playing any type of game and listening to music. The most significant cons is that the maximum volume is a bit lower than what other models offer. If you are looking for powerful gaming headphones, the G430 is not for you, but honestly, it is unlikely that you will need to use them at maximum volume.

Its volume does not stand out, but we cannot complain about the sound quality. Audio is clear and detailed across all frequencies and has excellent separation. We tested them with different game types and were very pleased with their performance. They isolate sound very well and attenuate external noise decently, so they can be used in any environment. However, its performance is not that good for listening to stereo sources. We don’t recommend them for watching movies or listening to music in stereo mode, but for multichannel sources, they are one of the best affordable options on the market.

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Conclusion on The Logitech G430

Logitech G430 Headsets Rating

These Logitech headphones are not the best on the market, but they stand out for the quality of their surround sound. They do not offer a very good sound for stereo sources nor are they resistant, but it is difficult to think of a better option for gamers who do not want to invest a lot of money in a gaming headset. Its Dolby 7.1 surround sound is better than several models that cost three times the money.

The Logitech G430 helmets are quite inexpensive and are one of the best affordable options you can choose from. The Logitech G430s are a good option to take your gaming experience to the top. We also believe that these gaming helmets can last you a long time.

If you need an affordable home theater ideal for gaming, we recommend checking out the Logitech Z906.

Technical Specification (in-details)

Technical specificationsLogitech G430
Headphone typeOver-ear
Surround soundDolby / DTS 7.1
Microphone typeRotating boom
Frequency response20 Hz – 20 kHz
ConnectivityWindows® 7 or later, Nintendo Switch, PS4 ™ or Xbox One ™
ConnectionsStereo Mini Jack (3.5 mm)
Weight259 g
Dimensions3.22 x 7.17 x 6.77 inches

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