Marshall Kilburn 2 Speaker Review 2022: Most Powerful Bluetooth Speaker

The first Marshall speaker appeared in 2015 when brands such as JBL or Bose were already taking over the market. Later, Marshall decided to release a portable speaker and so they release Marshall Kilburn II. Marshall Kilburn II (2) is the most powerful Bluetooth speaker. A Bluetooth speaker is a device that allows you to listen to good sound via the Bluetooth connectivity system. Today, I am going to highlight Marshall Kilburn 2 speaker review 2022.

Marshall Kilburn 2 Speake Rating

Technical characteristics of Marshall Kilburn 2 Speaker:

  • Size: 243 x 162 x140mm.
  • Power: 36 W.
  • Battery: 20 hours.

Marshall is synonymous with quality. And Marshall Kilburn II is its little gem. The English company is a brand admired and respected for several decades by musicians and music lovers. Its audio equipment, especially its amplifiers, are famous for having refined their quality to avoid distortion at maximum power levels.

For some years now, Marshall has turned its marketing strategy around and is looking to reach out to less specialized consumers through a new series of portable speakers, inspired by the style of its famous guitar amps. Marshall Kilburn II is the company’s most popular model. This is a small but powerful Bluetooth speaker that sounds great and includes potentiometers to handle both bass and treble tones. In addition, it has a built-in battery that supports up to 20 hours of playback.

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The Marshall Kilburn Wireless Speaker has a very rocky design reminiscent of old guitar amps from the ’60s and 70s. It comes with a leather handle for transport, imitating the hanging strap of an electric guitar, and is covered by synthetic leather and velvet that is pleasant to the touch. The iconic Marshall logo stands out against its gray grille. The model is available in black and cream colors.

The main controls are located on the top of the Marshall speaker. Three potentiometers allow you to control the volume/power, as well as the bass and treble from level 1 to 10. It also includes a button for Bluetooth connection and LEDs that indicate the status of the battery. On the back, there is the connection for the power cable and a 3.5 mm auxiliary input that allows you to connect your devices in a wired way.

Marshall Kilburn 2 Speaker

Under that image of an old rocker with is a marvel of the s. XXI. Under the grille, it integrates dual tweeters and a woofer. The drivers are powered by three Class-D amplifiers, including dual 8-watt amplifiers for the tweeters and a 15-watt job for the woofer. This enables a frequency range of 52-HZ-20kHZ.

The speaker is compact and somewhat heavy (3 kg). It is light enough to carry with the handle without problems, although it is not as portable as other wireless speakers. It is also IPX2 certified, which means it can withstand a little water.


It’s hard to find a portable speaker of this size that can compete with the sound of Marshall Kilburn II. The company claims that it sounds better than the previous model and this is evident when listening to it for a couple of minutes. Its power is enough to fill a small house and it also produces a warm sound, with rich vocals and very decent bass. The power is surprising for its size and is ideal for setting both indoor and outdoor meetings.

The knobs for the bass and treble allow you to adjust the sound to your personal taste. We tested it at the mid-range and perceived a clean and very well-balanced sound. When playing any musical genre we observe that the high and low tones are very clear, but its performance is perfect for playing rock songs.

Marshall Kilburn II Speaker Review

Like other wireless speakers, its balance is best appreciated at a moderate volume. However, it performs very well at the highest level. We tested the Kilburn, using its higher power capacity, and found no distortion. When we play songs with strong bass, after raising the bass equalizer to the limit level, we also do not notice any disturbances in the sound.

Something remarkable about this wireless speaker is the separation between low, mid, and high tones. When we tested Marshall Kilburn II we noticed that the sound it emits never emphasizes any instrument too much, each tone is kept in harmony. The bass is not the deepest on the market and some vocals have some wheezing, but overall the sound is great.

The Marshall loudspeaker is designed primarily for indoor use, where its performance is optimized. Outdoors, while it performs well too, it doesn’t outperform the JBL Xtreme Bluetooth speakers or the UE Megaboom. In addition, the IPX2 certification does not compare with that of these models.


  • The Marshall Kilburn portable speaker offers a wireless connection via Bluetooth 5.0.
  • It has the option of connecting a wired source through the 3.5mm auxiliary port.
  • Syncing with Android or iOS devices is very easy. We just have to click on the button designed for this function on the top of the Marshall speaker.
Marshall Kilburn 2 Speaker Control Buttons
  • It can sync with two devices simultaneously, which is very useful when you are at a party and two friends want to share their new musical findings.
  • This Bluetooth speaker has aptX Codec capable of playing high-definition files with very low latency.


It has a rechargeable Li-ion battery that provides up to 20 hours of continuous playback at moderate volumes. When carrying out a test using 50% of the power, we observe that the advertised capacity is correct. 20 minutes of charging is enough to use the speaker for more than three hours and the full charge process takes approximately two and a half hours.


Marshall Kilburn 2 Speake Rating

The design of Marshall Kilburn II is impeccable. True, it may sound expensive, but it is one of the best-sounding portable wireless speakers we’ve tested. It offers the option to connect our devices via Bluetooth or through a cable, thanks to the 3.5mm auxiliary port. Its battery is remarkable too.

In addition to its aesthetics and power, the Bluetooth speaker produces very clear high and mid-tones for articulate sound. The analog potentiometers allow us to adjust the controls to our personal tastes and the leather handle makes it easy to carry, although its weight is quite considerable.

If you need a speaker for outdoor use, Marshall Kilburn is not the best option, as it does not have the water protection of the JBL Charge 4, for example. However, if the criteria for buying a loudspeaker is the combination of sound and design with the highest possible quality, Marshall loudspeakers are in a class of their own.

We also recommend checking out Marshall Acton and Marshall Stanmore.

Technical characteristics Marshall Kilburn 2 Speaker

Technical specificationsMarshall Kilburn 2 Speaker
Weight5.5 pounds
Dimensions9.57 x 6.42 x 5.51 inches
Frequency response52Hz – 20Khz
Sensitivity (SPL)100 dB
Power36 W
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth, 3.5 mm Input
Battery Life20h low depending on volume

I hope this review and analysis helped you to make a better decision before buying Marshall Kilburn 2 Speaker. Do you still have any questions? Leave a comment below in the comment section.

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