The Ultimate Mobile Phone Buying Guide 2022: Choose the Best Smartphone

Maybe a few years ago, I was about to buy a new phone for myself. But, I was so much confused. Which one will be the best phone for me? To figure out this question, I invested lots of time on google and youtube. After getting a complete mobile phone buying guide, finally, I chose one for myself.

After buying the phone, I used it for a couple of months. But one day, it was stolen by someone! Therefore, I had to buy a new one. This time. I wanted to buy a better phone than the prior one. I thought that this time I won’t be confused. But I was wrong! And it is damn true that you will also be confused in this situation until you are a tech expert.

However, the time has changed. Now, I can obviously suggest to you the best phone according to your purpose. You are here which means you are confused to pick the best phone for yourself. Don’t worry. This mobile phone buying guide will definitely help you to make the best choice.

Why Do You want to Buy The Phone?

Why do you want to buy the phone? What is the main reason behind it? These questions are very important questions. Before buying a phone, first of all, you have to decide why you want to buy the phone? Do you need a gaming phone or a camera phone? Or, do you want to buy a phone with good battery health? Maybe you are looking for an overall phone that can be used in day-to-day life very smoothly. So, first, decide what you are looking for in your phone. There are key characteristics that a smartphone must meet for day-to-day use.

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Before jumping into the main section of this article, let me tell you that this is an overall smartphone buying guide. Overall smartphone means that can be used in day-to-day life very smoothly. However, if you are interested to buy a gaming smartphone, you can read the ultimate gaming phone buying guide 2022. Thus, you will be able to buy the right gaming smartphone for yourself.

OS Version

If you ask me what is the best operating system then I will ask you about your desired feature. The top two types of mobile operating systems are Android OS and iOS. About 98.7% people of US use these OS. For this fact, one can easily interact with maximum other devices without any obstacle by using these two OS. Let us focus on these two most popular mobile operating systems. However, if you are willing to choose the Android OS, then you should know about the pros and cons of Android OS. But, if you are predetermined to choose the iOS. then you can have a look at the pros and cons of iOS.

Android OS got a 3622 rating comparing with 3352 ratings of iOS. The Customizability of Android is much more than iOS. As iOS does not support third-party apps, so It can be said definitely that the security system of iOS is stronger than Android OS. But sometimes it causes problems when the user wants to interact with any third-party system.

Normal users want variety in the phone. They are also not so much tensed about the high-security system. If you are one of them, you can use Android OS for your satisfaction. But if you are aware of your security system strictly and want to refrain from third-party systems then you can try iOS. It will give you a premium feel. Otherwise, it is better to stay in the Google ecosystem for normal users. General people find google more friendly.

I have ignored Windows OS here because I have already said that 98.7% of users of the US are android OS and iOS users. However, you can see the pros and cons of Windows OS. And thus, you can understand whether Windows OS suits you or not.

Processor and Chipset

At first, I will describe the number of cores and clock speed of the processor. It will help you understand what to consider when choosing a good processor and chipset. In a word, if you want to do multitasking and use your phone heavily, then you need to buy a phone with a multi-core processor.

At the beginning of the invention of processors, only a single core was used. Nowadays, the age got updated and people do multi-task on their devices. That is why they need to phone multi-core processors. A core is almost relatable to a single processor. So you can clearly understand that the more core you have in your processor, the more you can do multi-task simultaneously on your device.

Now let us focus on clock speed. The term “Clock speed” of a processor refers to the time that is needed for a processor to complete a task. Let me show you an example. Suppose you have a processor of 2GHz. This means your processor can complete 200,00,00,000 tasks in a second. If the processor is of 4GHz then it can complete 200,00,00,000 tasks in half of a second.

These two are the main specifications of the processor. Let us talk about the chipset that you should consider when buying a phone.

Chipset mainly defines how effectively your device can communicate in between RAM, ROM, CPU, and other USB devices that are connected from outside into your devices. So now you can compare between the processors and chipset of different phones and buy the suitable one for you.

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Ram & Rom

At first, we will talk about RAM which is also known as Random Access Memory. This means, if you run an app into your device then the app will need some memory for a short time to run. This memory is provided by RAM. DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 are the list of generations of RAM according to the update. For your device, you should consider the size of RAM. I am giving an approximate estimate according to users’ choices for various kinds of users.

  • Normal users use 4 to 6 GB RAM
  • Medium users use 6 to 8 GB RAM
  • Heavy users use 16 gb ROM
  • Excessively heavy users use 32 GB RAM

One can also measure the power of RAM by MHz. The more MHz is in RAM, the more powerful that RAM is. The more powerful your RAM, the more you can enjoy the powerful and recent traditional app as well as multitasking. So, the phone with the best RAM is the phone with the best power.

You also have to keep in mind that, if you buy a device of powerful RAM then you also need to balance the power of other hardware of your device according to your RAM. In recent times, some phones are releasing which have upgradable RAM features.

Now we will focus on ROM which is also known as Random Open Memory. In a word, it is the internal storage of your phone where you can save your personal data like photos, videos, documents, apps, and more according to your storage size. I will give an estimate of your need for ROM according to the user’s choice.

  • Normal users use 16 GB ROM
  • Medium users use 32 GB ROM
  • Heavy users use 64 gb or more ROM

As heavy users of phones do almost all activity in the phone, that is why they need to buy a device of large storage.


In this age, the update of display of the phone has gained many varieties like LCD, LED, IPS, OLED, AMOLED, TFT, PLS, etc. But I will only describe LCD/LED or AMOLED Display as most of the people have got this.

If a user wants to buy a phone which has a display of eye-catchy type and also has varied contrast level then he/she can AMOLED display. The dark mode feature of the AMOLED display is also so much gorgeous and gives a premium feel. When the screen shows dark images the power consumption is low in AMOLED display. But this display is more costly than an LED/LCD. If anyone uses their phone for a stylish reason and prefers gorgeousness then he/she can definitely buy a device with an AMOLED display. This display also gives much appreciable performance in sunlight compared to LED/LCDs.

Now, let us talk about LED/LCD which is of low cost and absolutely perfect for normal users who do not give much attention to phones. It is not so attractive as AMOLED display but has much variety as many competitors invest in this display much. It has a high power consumption rate compared to the AMOLED display.

There is another factor named “Refresh Rate” for display specifications. The more refresh rate is included in the display, the more smoothness of view one can get while using the screen. The AMOLED display has much refresh rate than LED/LCD normally. That is why it looks smoother than LED/LCD. But nowadays, the competition in making variety for LED/LCD producers has increased. Sometimes higher refresh rate facilities are also added to this display to compete with other companies and make users more satisfied.

So now you can choose your desired display feature according to your need after gaining this knowledge.

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Let me give a short description of mobile camera details. People normally give priority to Megapixel when buying a phone. It is obvious that a high Megapixel camera gives better performance than a Low Megapixel camera. Megapixel means the building block of a picture. Let me give an example. We know that brick is the core element of a building. We can compare this brick with a pixel and the building as a picture. In a word, the more pixels a picture has, the more details of the picture will be more clear. 1 Megapixel means a million pixels. If the small elements of the picture become much clear, the picture will contain quality.

Another factor you have to consider is the Image Sensor. It can be compared to the photographic film of the physical world. If the size of the image sensor is bigger, it can contain many pixels of the image and show a much better image. The size of the sensor is expressed in Inches. In this age, no camera of any phone has an image sensor of more than 1 inch.

Another consideration before buying a phone is to understand the Zoom feature of your phone camera. Especially it depends on the focal length of the phone’s lens. If anyone wants to zoom much, a problem of pixelation happens and the quality of the picture damages. All smartphone companies are trying to overcome this problem.

Actually, there are two sections of zoom. One is Digital Zoom and the other one is Optical Zoom. For a long time, companies are using digital zoom, It is especially found in the phone of a single camera. Nowadays, many multi-camera phones are releasing and these multi-camera phones are using the Optical Zoom system which is much better than digital zoom. So, it is better to use a phone with multi-cameras. These phones have a variety of lenses in their cameras.


Now I am going to say you about essential phone battery specs. Two types of batteries are used in smartphones.

  • Li-ion Battery (Lithium-Ion Battery)
  • Li-Poly Battery (Lithium Polymer Battery)

Li-Poly batteries are features of advanced technology. These are lightweight, easily portable, and do not heat up like LI-ion batteries. These are not so available yet.

Li-ion batteries are mostly used smartphone batteries now and they are also used in the old models of smartphones. These are also not so much heavy. But comparatively heavier than the Li-Poly battery. Sometimes it shows the problem of heating.

Let me now tell you about the capacity of the battery. Normal users of smartphones can have a phone with a 2500mah battery. So, the user can use his phone the whole day long and can charge at night. If he needs more then he can use a phone with a 3000mah battery. But a heavy user needs a phone with a minimum 4000mah battery.

But a user has to keep in mind that the performance of the battery goes down after a certain period of the charge cycle. I can give you an estimate. Suppose you are a normal user and charge your phone once a day. So., there is a high probability to reduce 20%-25% of your battery life after 16 to 20 months. And you have to consider that.


I have already discussed the key features. But, there are also so many features that can give you extra benefits. Below I have listed two of them for you. Have a look.


When buying a phone you must need to see warranty time, after sells servicing facilities and many other things which you may need after buying and facing any problem. You need to see if the service providers have their offices in your area or not. If not, then how far it is. Sometimes it happens that someone bought a phone and facing some problems with his new phone. He is not getting services of warranty policies also. Because there are no services of that smartphone company in his city.

Box Content

A user needs to check the box given with the phone. More or fewer earphones, chargers, a guidebook, warranty cards, and many elements are provided in the box. When buying, everyone needs to check this all. An IMEI number is also provided in box content as a sticker or any other way. Users need to reserve this number. If your phone is lost then you need to make a case file using this IMEI. It is a device tracking number.


In the whole article, I have described to you those all features that are considered usually by the users at the time of buying a phone. Sometimes there are more features which are checked by the customers. For example, one can see the glass quality of the display, the beauty of the phone, the body strength of the phone, Fingerprint sensor quality of the phone. They can also check if that phone supports OTG or not. They check if the phone has a USB type C port or not, or the features of network connectivity whether it supports 3G/4G/5G network.

These all phone specifications are not given that much priority by the customer of a budget phone except the connectivity of the network. That is why all these aspects are not so much described here. But a customer intending to buy a new phone must consider all 9 steps that are described earlier.

The customer needs to make a plan. In the plan, he/she will balance all the features that are described. Let me show an example. If a customer plans to buy a phone with an AMOLED display, 2GB RAM, 128 GB ROM, 3Ghz Processor then it is sure that the user is making an imbalanced plan. Because these mobile phone specifications will not interact effectively with each other. I think no one will not get a phone of this type of specifications also.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the ultimate mobile phone buying guide 2022. If you have any questions, just leave a comment in the comment section. I will be back to you as soon as possible.

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