Sony MDR 1000X Headphones Review Price 2022

The Sony MDR 1000X headphones is considered one of the best wireless premium, noise-canceling, Bluethiid headphone on the market. It is characterized by a practical design, rich complexion, and premium sound quality, which are not always available with wireless headphones. Comfortable touch controls and versatility make the earbuds more popular. It has the experience of a 100% trustworthy brand and is a marvel of Japanese engineering.

Sony MDR 1000X Ratings

Technical characteristics:

  • Battery: 20 hours
  • Frequency response: 40Hz – 20 kHz
  • Weight: 275 gm

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Advanced technology: Sony MDR 1000X

First of all, we must mention that it has touch technology that allows it to have interesting functions. And these functions differentiate it from its competition. In addition, the Japanese technology giant has developed these Sony headphones by putting all the meat on the grill and has the latest advances from the brand.

With these wireless headphones, Sony has managed to combine its knowledge and experience in digital audio and the best of noise cancellation systems. The result is a luxury product that has surprised us, although it is not surprising that the Japanese company offers us a very powerful alternative for our readers to consider.

Sony MDR 1000X (top view)

In our review of noise-canceling headphones, we will show you their main features. We will analyze what makes them one of the best wireless headphones of the headband type. Additionally, we will describe the main technological aspects that will add value to your purchase if you decide to purchase these headphones.

Japanese stamp design – simple and high quality

The lines that make up the design of these Sony noise-canceling wireless headphones are modern, simple, and smooth, without losing elegance. You can also see that the components are very well assembled, which confirms that it is high-end Headphones.

Another aspect that makes it look elegant and sober is that the Sony MDR1000X noise-canceling headphones has a two-color finish in dark gray with black or beige with white.

Above all, it is made of synthetic materials that provide resistance and durability. On the one hand, headphones are lined in their soft parts with very soft synthetic leather. On the other hand, the Sony MDR 1000X is filled with foam rubber that adapts to the facial contour. Consequently, the soft, padded materials provide a comfortable fit that allows for long-term wear.

Since the headphones rotate in various directions, it can be easily folded for storage and is comfortable for travel. The case that comes with the devices is semi-rigid and is also made with high-quality materials.

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The Sony MDR 1000X headphones are flexible enough not to be damaged if we force them on or take them off. On the other hand, the metal parts make it up for giving it firmness in the parts that require it.

Remarkable is its relatively low weight of around 275 grams, a feature that also provides comfort. In addition, its circumaural style (around the ear) allows our ears to be free inside the helmet of the headphones.

When you take it out of the box, you can see the quality

Sony MDR 1000X headphones in its bag

Since we take it out of the box we can perceive that it is a luxury device, it comes packaged in a black box lined inside with soft felt material. On one side, we find the accessories included with the helmets: aux cable of 3.5mm, the connector for the plane, reference guide, and the charging cable. On the other side, the helmets come inside their luxury case. The cable has 3.5mm mini-jack tips on both ends.

Touch controls on the Sony MDR 1000X headphones

It should be said that one of the most innovative aspects of the Sony MDR 1000X helmets is that it has touch controls. So, we can control the playback by gesturing with our fingers on the right earbud.

Sony MDR 1000X headphones controls button

If we slide our fingers forward or backward, it will advance or rewind the playlist. On the other hand, if we make an upward gesture we will increase the volume, in the same way, if we slide our finger downwards, the volume will decrease. If we touch twice on the earphone we will pause or start the playback.

Usually, the touch control responds smoothly. Although there will be people who prefer a physical button, the touch controls of the Sony MDR 1000X helmets work very well.

Sound quality and noise cancellation of the MDR 1000X

The noise cancellation system is one of the best because it is made up not only of external microphones that allow the headphones to capture the ambient sound. Additionally, it brings microphones inside the helmets to personalize the audio that reaches our ears. This technology Sony has called Sense Engine. As we mentioned, Sony has included this feature to detect the sound coming out of the headphones and customize the noise cancellation.

These Sony wireless headphones bring interesting functions such as the automatic shutdown of noise cancellation. By placing our hand on the right helmet the volume of the music lowers and we listen to the external sound. On the other hand, if we remove our hand, the noise cancellation system will be activated again.

3D Surround Sound: Audeze

Another very useful function is the one that allows external sound to pass into our ears by mixing it with the music. This other feature is particularly useful if we need to be attentive to announcements in the terminal area or we are walking in areas where we must be attentive to the environment. Note that this feature is easily activated by a small switch located on the left ear cup.

It is remarkable that when we turn on the noise cancellation system of the Sony MDR 1000X helmets we perceive the sounds as less pressurized and therefore more natural than with other helmets. As a result, the Sony MDR 1000X has improved the noise cancellation response of the low frequencies of vehicles and the mid and high frequencies of voices.

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The best sound quality

Sony has spared no effort to place the MDR-1000X in a good market position, for this, it has included all its digital audio processing technology in these helmets. Additionally, it has applied materials and high precision assembly to avoid unwanted vibrations.

Sony MDR 1000X headphones (top view)

On the one hand, the 4cm diaphragm, in charge of reproducing the sounds in the headphones, is made of thin sheets of synthetic material LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) covered with aluminum. Due to this, deep bass is achieved and the high-frequency range is covered up to 40,000 Hz. On the other hand, the Sony MDR 1000X headphones include in these headphones their Hi-Res and S-Master HX high-resolution audio technology to reduce the distortion.


Notably, Sony with the MDR1000X headphones has taken great pains to achieve the best possible sound quality through the use of digital technologies. Another key Sony technology for excellent sound quality is DSEE HX (Digital Sound Enhancement Technology). This processing restores the high-end sounds lost when compressing music in MP3, ACC, ATRAC, and WMA formats.

The MDR1000X helmets overcome the limitations of Bluetooth audio transmission through more efficient data transmission technologies. To achieve this, Sony uses its LADC technology that increases the volume of data transmission to 990Kbps. In this way, it allows maintaining the maximum bit depth at a frequency of 96kHz / 24 bit. While in conventional Bluetooth data transmission systems the data transmission volume is 328Kbps at a frequency of 44.1KHz / 16bits.

Sony MDR 1000X headphones (helmet's inside & outside)

If you have a device to reproduce high-quality audio that is compatible with LADC technology, we can fully appreciate high-resolution audio. However, with devices with less high-fidelity reproduction capabilities and without this technology, high-quality sounds are also achieved.

It should be noted that the Sony MDR 1000X headphones can operate with very good sound quality connected via cable. This cable is approximately 1.5m long and ends in a standard 3.5mm mini-jack tip. However, we must bear in mind that digital corrections will not work without a battery, which will obviously affect the sound quality that we will perceive.

Sound tests

As a result of our audio tests, we can say that the sound quality of the Sony MDR1000X is excellent. First of all, we must mention that the bass is heard without distortion and clear, with a clear distinction of the Sony brand. In the same way, the treble and high notes are heard very clearly and the instruments are distinguished with clarity and precision.

Regarding the middle frequency ranges, voices are heard very clearly. Therefore, the sound of the voice is not lost between the instruments.

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We can say that the equalization preset by Sony in the MDR1000X headphones is excellent. It requires very little correction through music applications. We must emphasize that equalization is very good for the Rock, Pop, or classical instrumental genres, we have tested them with excellent results. In genres like hip hop or rap, it could be perceived as lacking some punch to the bass.

First of all, to test the Rock genre the drums sounded quite powerful. Also the electric guitar and bass sounded very clearly and without distortion. Next, we placed Snoop Dog to perceive the performance of the Hip Hop genre. In this genre, we notice the bass a little weak, although in general, we perceive all the sounds with great clarity and sharpness.

Sony MDR 1000 X headset battery

As for the battery of the Sony MDR 1000X, they have an approximate duration of 20 hours of continuous music. It should be noted that the batteries are fully charged in approximately 4 hours. On the other hand, if we use them via Bluetooth, with noise cancellation turned off, the batteries last for 22 hours of use.

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It should be noted that the battery life is among the best, they equal the Bose QC35 helmets. On the other hand, they come to surpass other headphones in the same segment. Also, an improvement detail is the loading speed. As we have mentioned, they are fully charged in approximately 4 hours.


Sony MDR 1000X Ratings

Sony MDR1000X headphones with noise cancellation systems have high-quality sound. In addition to having high-end details that give it an elegant appearance and high status. Another aspect to consider is that they are resistant and comfortable, therefore they withstand intensive use for hours without any problem.

The headphones Sony MDR1000X together with Bose headphones and Sennheiser makes up the top of the best noise-canceling headphones today. Historically these three brands have led the noise-canceling headphone market and Sony has held a good position when it comes to sound quality and high-end components.

Finally, we can assure you that it is ideal for executives and people who take many flights. These headphones will help you with airplane noise, as they are very efficient at canceling those frequencies. If you are looking for attractive headphones, with excellent sound quality and very good noise cancellation, this is an excellent choice. Interested? Check the price on Amazon.

Technical Specifications

Technical specificationsSony MDR 1000X 
Headphone TypeOver-ear
ColorsElegant black and white
Weight272 gr
Dimensions180 x 170 x 58 mm
Frequency response40Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity (SPL)103 dB
Impedance46 ohm
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.1
Battery Life16 hours
Loading time4 hours
Connections3.5 mm jack

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